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What if, instead of taking our marbles and coming back home after Apollo 17, we had kept on pushing outward to Mars, the asteroids, and beyond? What if the Alcubierre warp drive system was finally perfected, opening the gates to manned exploration of the outer Solar system? What if we kept pushing outward…to the stars?

Imagine that you are a historian, four centuries into our future, whose job it is to tell the stories of humanity's expansion into the galaxy. Imagine the stories, the spacecraft, the people, adventures he would be able to share. From the turn of the 21st century to the United Interstellar Alliance in which he lives, the possibilities are endless.

That universe has a history full of adventure, bursting with people, planets, spacecraft of all kinds, and stories just waiting to be told.

We intend to bring you those spacecraft, beginning with the CF-104A Liberty class Interstellar Freighter and the CF-130 NX Experimental Transport, both from the early 21st century. We also plan on telling the stories of the people who pushed back the frontier. There are other projects bubbling as well, but you'll hear more about them when their time has come.

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Welcome to the universe of ...

Diaspora: A Legacy of Stars


  • Usually on the low side of $10-20. Depends on how many sets you order, of course, as it goes by weight.

    Scott W. Bell
  • I like your plans/concepts. They would provide a good base from which to make a scratch built model of same.
    What would be the shipping costs to send to Canada (Burlington, Ontario)?

    Bill Campbell

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